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Nutella never fails

In Anna, Life stuff, Nutella on July 7, 2011 at 9:18 pm

The last 48 hours have been kind of a bummer for me. I found out this job I really wanted  and thought I “un-officially” had was no longer in the cards, and my roommate told me when our lease is up she’d like to move out of the apartment, leaving me stranded looking for someone to either move-in, or a place nearby to move into. I completely understand where she’s coming from, but would have preferred a little more notice, than, Oh, I don’t know, FIFTY-EIGHT days. Needless to say, I freaked.

Was freaking a bit of an over re-action? Likely. Here’ why:

1.  I have a job for 6 more months

2. There are (hopefully) plenty of fish in the sea out there willing to live with me–come on, wouldn’t you? I cook, I clean, and I’m really funny!

3. Nutella makes everything better.

When my long two days finally came to an end I came home, went straight into the kitchen, and whipped out the emergency stash. For a solid 30 seconds as I ate a spoonful of Nutella I was in a perfect little world where everything was ok.

Now, I don’t suggest this form of therapy for everyone out there. First, it can be very addicting. Second, you don’t often find the answers at the bottom of the jar. But for me, at that moment, it worked.

I’m happy to say that today  I moved on from wallowing in my sorrows, and chocolate hazelnut deliciousness, and took action. I’ve applied to several jobs (Hey! Washingtonian! Looking at you!) and already have 3 prospects for possible roommates.

I’m hoping everything works out, and that it all turns into a start of some sort of new chapter in my life. Who knows, maybe my next roommate will be the shoe-sharing type that only owns Jimmy Choos and Louboutins…in a size 7.

Hope you all are having a better week, if not, grab the Nutella!

Here’s to looking at Friday…