If you can’t go to brunch, why not fantasize about it?

I was never a huge fan of brunch until I woke up one Sunday morning, put on my Sunday Best, and headed straight to…work. (cue scratching record sound HERE). As I sat at my work space for the day, pounding away at my keyboard, it hit me. I would much rather have my eyes focused on a stack of hot pancakes than on the glowing computer screen that sat before me…at least on this particular Sunday.

I decided to take my dream and turn it into a (semi)-reality. I created Fantasy Brunch, a game in which my co-workers and I would go around naming what we would order at brunch if we could order. It sounds sad and a bit pathetic–and from the outside it probably is–but at that moment, Fantasy Brunch was as close to eggs benedict and a mimosa I was getting that weekend, and nearly every weekend thereafter.

Fantasy Brunch has become a few things since the day of its creation. 1. A way I can still pester my co-workers/force them to talk about food. 2. An occasional quick escape from the doldrums of office life. and finally 3. A pretty good name for a food blog, and what I hope to be, a pretty good blog in itself.

So, without further ado, I bring you all, my loyal readers, Fantasy Brunch; a blog about food, travel, interesting things, and really whatever I feel like throwing on here in my free time.


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