First Course

In Anna, Life stuff on July 4, 2011 at 8:58 pm

FantasyBrunch is a story about a girl (me) cooking her way through the real world.

A year ago, I jumped straight from a cushy college education to a real-world job as a researcher/swabe/all around go-for  journalist  for a big-time TV network in Washington, DC. It’s been a whirl wind and all the while I’ve been trying to figure out how to balance family life, social life, and work life into one smooth adult-hood. It hasn’t been easy.

In reality, my life is pretty good; my biggest problems are my lack of weekends and frequent early bed time.

How do I deal with my  hard, stressful, exhausting,  24-hour news cycle journalism life? I cook…and when I get paid on time and have an evening in which I don’t have to get up freakishly early I put on my foodie face and hit some of the hottest restaurants in town.

This isn’t about wallowing away my sorrows in a krispy kreme donut or finding the answers to my life’s problems at the bottom of a bowl of bolognese and spaghetti. This is about cooking away my problems, and enjoying my free time with good friends and good food.



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